Working from home collection

We've collaborated with the world's best mixologists and yogis to create these exclusive scents to help you cope with working from home. Your mind, body and nose will thank you for it. 

Only 100 candles per scent have been created.  Each one has been hand signed and numbered (once they're gone, they are gone).

Hand crafted and poured in the United Kingdom. Made from ethical and natural ingredients: 100 % soy wax and cotton wick (palm oil free, petroleum free, phthalate free and lead free).

100% vegan and not tested on animals. A tree is planted when every candle is purchased (just so you can receive even more karmic energy). 

This is a limited edition range and are a revenue generator for The Creative Floor Awards, Talent & Diversity Fund. Only available to purchase here.

Pitch Win

Love it when the plan comes together? The smell of success with a hint of smugness has never smelt so good.


Out of office

Switch everything off and light up our hand rolled cannabis flower scented candle to help get you, back to you.


All Nighter

When you need to burn the midnight oil, light this instead. Awaken your creative fire-power when you need it the most.


Sans Bullshit

Transform every 'BS' virtual meeting with this karma cleansing genie.